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                R & D Manufacturing
                • Manufacturing center

                For stable mass production products, the company uses the traditional assembly line operation, high efficiency and high output,

                Monthly output can reach 180 thousand or so, which can meet the demand of large quantity of orders from customers.

                Electrical performance test, mainly for battery charging and discharging performance, over charge, over discharge test, capacitive test,
                Smart battery learning test. Can set up constant pressure, constant current, constant resistance, circulation and other modes. Powerful,
                Computer software control, single point and multi-point control, the interface type is complete, efficient and safe. Data acquisition,
                Report making and integration.

                • Demand development
                  One tailored optimization solutions
                • 8 hours response
                  Provide a full range of professional services within 8 hours
                • 24 hours on-site service
                  24-hour business and technical on-site service
                • Decade Maintenance
                  One tailored optimization solutions
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